Board of Directors 

Accompanying the arts-tourism alliance was a reconfiguration of the RAC Board of Directors. The RAC Board was expanded from seven members to 13 members to include a greater representation of the community and provide further reach into Rowan County, strengthening RAG's capacity. The RAC Board is now comprised of 13 members and consists of 4 members appointed by the Rowan County Tourism Authority, 4 members appointed by the Salisbury Tourism Authority and 5 members appointed by the RAC. The Rowan Arts Council Board consists of a group of service-minded individuals dedicated to the arts who represent the diversity of Rowan County.

2015-2016 Board Members

   Edward Norvell, Chair - Salisbury Arts & Culture
   Davis Cooke, Vice Chair  - Old Sarum Gallery
   Cindy Morgan, Treasurer - Rowan-Salisbury Schools
   MJ Maddox - Livingstone College

Linda Jones - Salisbury Symphony
Anne Scott Clement - Waterworks Visual Arts Center
Robert Jones - Lee Street Theatre
Paula Bohland - DSI  

The RAC Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of each month in the Gateway Building at 204 E Innes Street at 6 pm. 

If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact the Arts Council at 704-638-3100.