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The Rowan County Tourism Development Authority (RCTDA) will utilize $100,000 in COVID-19 American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to facilitate a grant program for supporting Lodging Businesses and Arts and Cultural Organizations in Rowan County economically impacted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local lodging and arts, cultural, and history organizations that can demonstrate a loss in revenue of at least 20% during the period from April 2020 to December 2020 are eligible for support grants. Grants will be available for lodging businesses, arts, cultural, and history organizations. Grants are to support operations, relaunching programs, events, and business activities that were forced to close or modify due to COVID-19 and/or Executive Orders, rehiring workers, job training, hiring, and replacing lost wages.

The application-based program will provide a grant equal to a specified percentage of the applicant’s decline in revenues. The specified percentage would be equal to $100,000 divided by the total reduction in revenue among the pool of eligible applicants. Rowan County Tourism will calculate the specified percentage after receiving and determining all eligible applicants. For example, if the total decline in collective revenues among all the eligible applicants is $2,000,000, the specified percentage would be 5%. This process provides that each applicant would then receive a grant equal to 5% of their lost revenues and that funds will go to those directly impacted by the negative factors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic as intended in the American Rescue Plan.


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