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Source: North Carolina Arts Council





North Carolina Farm Facts

North Carolina is one of the most diversified agriculture states in the US. 

50,218 farms grow more than 

80 different commodities, including more tobacco and sweet potatoes than any other state in America

8,414,756 of 31 million acres in the state are farming land, contributing to 

17% of the state's income, and

17% of the state's work force, which contributes to more than 

$84 billion per year to the state's economy


Source: NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services



North Carolina Art Facts

The North Carolina nonprofit arts section generates 

2.12 billion, which produces

$201.5 million in revenue for local governments and the state of North Carolina, and supports

72,000 full-time jobs in

2,500 nonprofit arts and culture organizations, helped by

109,525 volunteers donating more than 

4.6 million hours to nonprofit arts organizations

39 million people attend arts and cultural events annually


Source: North Carolina Arts Council

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