Ropes Revisited! - A Community Gathering for all ML Grads

Join Dan Miller at Sacred Grove Retreat Center’s Ropes Course for a weekend of community building, team, ropes and fun! We are inviting you to come and meet other Masterful Living graduates and have another go! We will have some different elements open for you to try each day that you did not experience before.

Come on Friday and enjoy some team building activities around the bonfire with Dan that night and enjoy making s’mores. Ropes will be held from 9:00am-1pm on Sat. and Sunday. In the afternoon and early evening, we will gather in the yurt and learn about each other and what we offer to the world and our community. This is a time for you to showcase what you do. Whatever your PASSION is, here’s your chance to let others know about it. We will allot time slots for you to present what you want to share. 

Packages Available:
1. One night including 1 day of Ropes with lodging - $145.00.
2. Two night stay including 2 days of Ropes with lodging - $285.00.
3. Two night stay including 1 day of Ropes with lodging - $205.00
4. Ropes only for the day - $85.

What to Bring: 
1. Layers of clothing depending on the weather.
2. Pillowcase, bedding, and towels.
3. All of your own food – kitchen with all amenities available for your use.
4. Flashlight
5. Insect Repellent

To complete your ropes registration or reserve a spot, please contact Ellen Whiteside either by phone at 704.299.5124 or by email at Ellen will respond to you as soon as possible in order to help you get registered for this amazing experience of connection and community.