Eagle Point Nature Preserve

Eagle Point Nature Preserve is a 200-acre natural area on a remote part of High Rock Lake. The park gives visitors the opportunity to hike three miles of trails to vistas of the lake and wildlife observation points. Self-introspective nature trails, old home sites, seasonal canoe access, and fishing from the shore are also available. The preserve provides a natural habitat for fauna and flora native to the area including: Bald eagles, barred owls, egrets, great blue herons,kingfishers, raccoons, white-tailed deer, wild turkey and more. The property consists of a variety of forest types that are typical to central North Carolina. Over three miles of trails including observation overlooks will eventually allow the visitor to enjoy the entire 200 acres and its natural features. Currently, a little over three miles of trails including a self-interpretive tree and plant identification loop, canoe access to High Rock Lake, and an additional hiking trail leading to beautiful isolated coves are open to the hiker and nature lover. The trail is adequate for biking with fat tired bikes. No horses are allowed. The trail system was designed as three back to back loops because it is not difficult to get turned around here. The trails total over 3 miles of walking. The Plant Loop Trail is just under one mile, and the Goldeneye Cove Trail just over 1.5 miles. Eagle Point Loop is about 2 miles. Old home-sites, views of the lake, and solitude are what visitors can expect. For more information and for park hours, please visit their website.